27 Jan 2007

Di copy dari SolidMind

Hari ni keje. Selain dari kene chare pc2 yg rosak, betulkan balik printer sharing yg kadang2 ok kadang2 tak,configure server linux yg masih dalam tahap eksperimen alpha 2, nampaknya aku masih ada masa nak update blog ni. Tambah post ym aku ngan kak ina semalam, upgrade blog aku dan sempat copy post dari Mukeh.

Ni yg aku punya :

(x) I have a cell phone.
( ) I am an only child.
( ) I love dankly earrings.
(x) I have smoked a cigarette before.
( ) I am doing drugs
( ) I am an alcoholic
( ) I have shot a gun before.
(x) I love music.
( ) Have ridden on a motorcycle before
( ) I'll be in this town forever
( ) I've been to 5 other countries.
( ) I get annoyed easily
(x) I have neat handwriting
(x) I have more than a few horrible memories
(x) I am addicted to chocolate
(x) I have siblings
( ) My parents are strict
( ) I love airplane rides
(x) I love taking pictures
( ) I hate people who are fake, really cant tolerate them
(x) I can be mean when i want to be
(x) My parents care about my grades

Ada banyak lagi kat blog mukeh.

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