10 Nov 2008

Chronological Age vs. Biological Age

Your chronological age is 28

Your biological age is 33

( This mean I look older than my age )

The way that you are currently living your life should mean that you are aging slightly faster than most people in modern society. You are likely to look and feel slightly older than most other people your age. This will be reflected in your level of energy, strength, vitality, mental and emotional stability, resistance to disease and general well-being

Your current rate of aging and risk of degenerative diseases is slightly higher than what most doctors, insurance companies and modern health institutions expect. Every person is different when it comes to health and aging, with degenerative diseases (such as diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, cancer, depression, etc) manifesting at the weakest points in the body. As the years go by, your risk of suffering from one or more degenerative diseases is slightly higher than what our society regards as 'normal', but significantly higher than what you could achieve under optimal conditions.

  • General Health. You are aging at a rate faster than you need to
  • Immune System. Your immune system is not functioning as well as it could be, scope for improvement 
  • Toxic Load. You are suffering from a high toxic load on your body 
  • Body Fat / Weight. Changes in your weight and body fat have been well maintained 
  • Exercise. Scope for improvement 
  • Stress / Expectations. A different outlook on life will slow your rate of aging and improve your health
  • Food & Digestion. Scope for improvement in this crucial area. Without effective digestion the benefits of an excellent diet are wasted. Other positive factors which you may have in your life, such as good exercise, lifestyle and outlook, will also be less effective

Gender Specific. Excellent

BMI: 24.2. You are on the heavy side of normal. This gives you a reasonable prognosis for longevity and good health, especially if a high proportion of your body weight is muscle rather than fat. However, to optimise your chances of a long life and total health, you could lose a little more body fat

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