20 Jul 2011

Berhati-hati di jalanraya

Aku kongsi kat sini email yang kawan opis aku forward kepada semua staff. Semoga boleh jadi peringatan untuk kita semua.

Type of Incident: Off-the-job Incident: Car Accident

Date of Incident: 15th July 2011 at 2020 hours
Brief Account of the Incident: 
After completing work at about 6.30pm, a staff drove back home to Tanjung Bungah, Penang.  During her journey, she was involved in a car accident where she accidentally hit a bus after a short distance from a traffic light near the main entrance of USM, Gelugor, Penang at about 8.20pm.  The staff escaped light injury.  The accident however resulted in severe damage to the car.  The car was then brought to a nearby workshop and a police report was lodged at Balai Polis Dato’Keramat at about 9.30pm.  

What went wrong:
- Did not press the break in time to slow down the car as the staff did not realize that she was approaching a bus
- Did not have sufficient rest
- Air bag did not function

What went right:
- Seat belt was worn
- Head rest adjusted to suitable height to prevent ”whiplash injury” due to the impact
- Speed around 50 - 60 km/h, as was just accelerating from the traffic light, heading towards the next traffic light (this area is an accident-prone area)
- Hand-phone, smart-tag, staff name tag was kept near the bottle holder inside the car

Lessons Learnt: 
- Ensure you are fit and alert for a long-distance drive. Take short stops/ breaks in-between a long journey. 
- Ensure safe distance between vehicle in front to allow for sufficient response time in case of any emergency brake
- Immediately secure valuable items so that nothing gets stolen as there tend to be many people at incident scene
- Immediately inform next-of-kin or someone you trust so that you can consult with them on next course of action(s) – you may be in a state of shock to be making sound decisions alone!
Note : This report is based on preliminary findings from the incident

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