10 Jan 2012

Smart Folder

If you have a lot of files and your method of housekeeping involving a lot of creation of new folders, housekeeping can be tiring.This added to the fact that the way to create new folder have not change in windows, since version 98. While a lot of other third party app have tried to improve this, it cant beat this app I am about to reveal to you.

Smart folder from AddictiveTips change the way we make new folder by focusing more on what will be in the folder rather than creating the folder first. Just select a file(s) and drag & drop the file(s) over another. Then a folder will be created in the same location and the files will be automatically moved into it. During the folder creation you will be asked to name the folder. 

The app also installed very quick without much hassle. Once installed, don't worry about the register ext thing. It is compatible with most ext by default. Only register an ext if the ext not working on the first time. The application can be uninstalled using the Uninstall option available on main interface. It will unregister all the file extensions, and then remove the application. 

It is a free application for  Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP from AddictiveTips

The main interface. It's simple and actually you have to worry about registering the files extension.

Just select and drag into other files. 

This dialog box will appear to name the folder. Then all the selected files will be in the folder.

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